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RoadRelay 4 On-dash

Cummins RoadRelay 4 features:

  • Supports SAE J1939 and J1708/J1587 data links
  • Displays engine operating parameters
  • Displays and stores active and inactive faults
  • Displays and stores vehicle trip data
  • Stored information can be downloaded to PC for INFORM/INSPEC applications
  • Manually tracks state-line-crossing information and calculates mileage for state fuel taxes
  • Events are date and time stamped using internal Real Time Clock
  • Provides anti-theft protection for the vehicle
  • Provides feedback to maximize driver productivity
  • Supports English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, and Portuguese languages
  • Supports English and Metric units
  • Bright 4-line by 20-character Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Internal Flash memory allows software upgrades
  • Can be mounted in, on, or under the dashboard
  • RoadRelay 4 meets Cummins in-cab environmental test requirements



RoadRelay 4 on-dash product kit (P/N 4003763) includes:

  • On-dash RoadRelay 4 (P/N 4005940)
  • Data link harness (P/N 3415264)
  • Mounting bracket (P/N 3415265)
  • Loop-back connector (P/N 4003226)
  • Electrical installation kit (P/N 4003761)
  • On-dash installation kit (P/N 4003762)
  • User's guide (P/N 3401765)
  • Anti-theft reference card (P/N 3401766)
  • User's reference card (P/N 3401768)
  • Installation manual (P/N 3401767)

Optional cable:

  • RS-232 data extraction cable (P/N 4003775)


RoadRelay 4 buttons:

Enter Key:

Used for entering or accepting value on the screen

Key 0 (Steering Wheel):

Used to bring up Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) set-up screen and anti-theft lock/unlock (if activated)

Key 1 (Up Arrow):

Used for moving through menu options and increasing display brightness when on default screen


Key 2 (Vehicle):

Used to bring up leg driving display, idle display, leg summary, reset leg, operating hours, ETA, and average MPG

Key 3 (Road):

Used for recording actual routes traveled, which later can be compared to desired routes

Key 4 (Wrench):

Used to bring up vehicle monitor screens, including summary screen, fault table, print faults, reset faults, Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules, reset PM, and service history

Key 5 (Front Panel):

Used to access the configuration for time, time format, date, alarm enable, alarm time, basic units, volume units, economy units, ETA speed, driver ID, route enable, transmission type, shift reminder, over-speed, over-RPM, PM setup, vehicle setup, security mode setup, anti-theft password, and software version

Key 6 (Pages):

Used to access cumulative totals, trip parameter values, driver messages, print trip option, and reset trip option

Key 7 (Down Arrow):

Used for moving through menu options and decreasing display brightness when on default screen

Key 8 (Question Mark):

Used to provide description of key functions, bring up language screen for selecting desired language, and give technical help desk contact information

Key 9 (Fuel Pump):

Used to bring up menu selections for fuel purchases, review of purchases, print fuel log, reset fuel log, and state-line-crossing information

Back Key:

Used for moving backwards in screens or back to default driving screen


RoadRelay 4 sample screens:

Driving Display

Each driving display shows a special set of parameters that convey trip status information

Vehicle Monitor Summary

Displays real-time engine and transmission data reflecting the operating status of the vehicle

Vehicle Monitor Fault Table

Displays information on faults in the vehicle, including a description, count, and active/inactive status


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